5 Types of Testing Software Every Developer Needs to Know!

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5 Types of Testing Software Every Developer Needs to Know!
5 Types of Testing Software Every Developer Needs to Know!
Software testing is a critical part of programming, and it is important that you understand these 5 types of testing that are used in software development. In this video, I go over the importance of the software testing pyramid and explain how the testing changes at each level. I also touch on MC/DC code coverage, which is critical if you every want to work in defence or aviation.

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00:00 Introduction
00:09 Software Testing Pyramid
00:25 Unit Tests
00:54 Code Coverage
01:05 Modified Condition Decision Coverage
01:34 Component Tests
02:22 Integration Tests
03:12 White Box and Black Box Testing
03:50 End-to-End Tests
05:32 Manual Testing

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