Accept a payment – Create a PaymentIntent with PHP

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Accept a payment - Create a PaymentIntent with PHP
Accept a payment – Create a PaymentIntent with PHP
Accepting a one-time payment with a custom form requires two steps. First, creating a PaymentIntent on the server. Second, confirming the payment intent on the client. It’s also recommended that you handle fulfillment for a purchase when receiving a webhook notification of successful payment.

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a PaymentIntent on the server using PHP and how to setup a basic Webhook handler. For part two of this series to confirm a PaymentIntent using a variety of payment methods, watch one of the videos in the playlists for front end frameworks:

HTML and JavaScript –
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Android –

If you’d like to learn how to create a PaymentIntent on the server in another server side language, consider watching one of these episodes:

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### Resources

How intents work:

### Table of contents

00:00 Overview
01:11 Setup the office hours sample
01:45 Add route to create-payment-intent
02:12 Create a basic PaymentIntent using the API with stripe-go
02:45 Test the endpoint with cURL
03:12 Accept payment method type and currency in request
04:57 Handle errors
05:48 Handle webhook notifications
08:23 Add a config route for fetching publishable keys
09:00 Recap and conclusion

### Presenter

CJ Avilla, Developer Advocate at Stripe –

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