Analytic Continuation and the Zeta Function

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Analytic Continuation and the Zeta Function
Analytic Continuation and the Zeta Function
Where do complex functions come from? In this video we explore the idea of analytic continuation, a powerful technique which allows us to extend functions such as sin(x) from the real numbers into the complex plane. Using analytic continuation we can finally define the zeta function for complex inputs and make sense of what it is the Riemann Hypothesis is claiming.

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Blog post by Terry Tao:

Mathologer: Ramanujan: Making sense of 123…-1/12 and Co:

00:00 zetamath does puzzles
00:23 Recap
02:40 Bombelli and the cubic formula
08:45 Evaluating real functions at complex numbers
12:33 Maclaurin series
21:22 Taylor series
27:19 Analytic continuation
35:57 What goes wrong
48:19 Next time

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