Bitcoin is already part of the new future


Since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out in force back in March, technology adoption has not stopped growing. The habits of much of humanity have changed, and all signs point to these paradigm shifts being here to stay. And Bitcoin is part of this new future.

The adoption of the use of technology accelerated by leaps and bounds, and much of this growth was due to the confinement experienced between January and June by the majority of the world’s population.

Just analyze your consumption habits in recent months, and you will realize that many of your consumptions and daily tasks are done differently.

Bitcoin: Will the future of events be online?

The new future is here
Since March, when Europe and Latin America began the confinement, we have been forced to make major changes in our daily lives. Did you ever imagine that the pantry on your way home would take orders from WhatsApp?

Most of the educational system is working with virtual classes, several congresses in Latin America are in virtual session, and so the list could go on.

All new activities require the use of technology, without exception.

The growth that companies like Glovo and Rappi are having is exponential, since we get used to the fact that anything we can think of we can ask for it with these applications. From a remedy in a pharmacy, to a 5 star dinner.

It is always important to understand that in essence we are the same… We are going to continue consuming, making payments of our commitments (as far as possible), educating ourselves and even entertaining ourselves, thanks to the virtual events. What changes here is the way we will do those usual things.

In short, the new future is here, let’s take advantage of it, it has very interesting things. It’s just a matter of opening our minds, and taking this adverse time as an opportunity.

From only US$ 100 you can start investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin: The Digital Money Revolution
Another sector that has grown strongly in these months is that of crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin, which at the moment of writing is being negotiated for around US$ 11,500.

When the pandemic broke out, back in mid-March, a Bitcoin could be bought for at least US$ 5,000. This means that the BTC has functioned very well as a valuable reserve asset in this turbulent time.

There are several investment opportunities in the crypto-currency sector, but Bitcoin remains the strongest and most forward-looking. It can be said that it is the revolution of digital money.

Whenever I write the Reflection of the Day, I end it with a phrase from someone famous. This time I’ll end with a question I’ve been asking myself every day since March: Am I in or out of the new trend? The answer to this simple question can make a difference in your future.