Complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial Jenkinsfile Github Webhook

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Complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial Jenkinsfile Github Webhook
Complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial Jenkinsfile Github Webhook
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Create a complete Jenkins Pipeline using a Jenkins file and GitHub webhooks.

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Being able to setup and use Jenkins as part of your CICD pipeline is vital in the DevOps world. If you know how to do this, it will only help your career.

What do you need for this?

1. A Jenkins Server. If you don’t have one, follow my video on building, installing and configurating your own Jenkins server here:
2. A GitHub account.Feel free to use my code example:
3. A spare server you can run a website on and keys for Jenkins to be able to run commands on it.

What I’m going to cover:

• Setup a new Jenkins pipeline.
• Add some simple pipeline code for a few demo stages.
• Then create an access token in GitHub.
• Setup the credentials in Jenkins.
• Add a webhook to our Github project.
• Add a JenkinsFile with the pipeline code to our GitHub project.
• Modify the pipeline in Jenkins to run a script from SCM/Git.
• Test the Githook on commit to the GitHub project.
• Watch the pipeline in action

Helpful URLs:

#jenkins #pipeline #webhook

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