CPM Error CACPM073e CyberArk Troubleshooting

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CPM Error CACPM073e CyberArk Troubleshooting
CPM Error CACPM073e CyberArk Troubleshooting
CyberArk CPM is a key component of CyberArk deployment.
Troubleshooting CPM errors is a required skill for CyberArk Administrators.

In this video, we work on resolving CPM error code /”CACPM073e/”

As per CyberArk documentation, the solution is to check the following:

The information in the password object is correct
The remote resource can be reached within the timeout specified
The password can be changed within the timeout specified.

For this video, the issue turned out to be on the target system where file and printer sharing was disabled. File and printer sharing is required to be enabled for CPM to manage passwords on a Windows Server.

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