Dynamically update the HTML code in Flask

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Dynamically update the HTML code in Flask
Dynamically update the HTML code in Flask
In this session you will learn,
– how to update the html web page dynamically
– how to get the result on the same web page

Also, what is the relationship between web development and flask? What are the different engines on which flask is based on?

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About Ashish Saini:
Ashish Saini is a software developer and a Professional Trainer.
He has delivered sessions in the most reputed Colleges/Universities
like IIT, NIT, etc. He has trained 15000 students till now. He also
runs a youtube channel and a website named www.innovateyourself.in
where he regularly updates the quality content related to the technology
to make the learning easy and interactive. His aim is to provide
quality education across the nation and to reduce the unemployment to

almost negligible and to make everyone happy.

Website: http://www.innovateyourself.in

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