Enable Image Processing Extensions in PHP for localhost & in cPanel Enable GD in PHP

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Enable Image Processing Extensions in PHP for localhost & in cPanel Enable GD in PHP
Enable Image Processing Extensions in PHP for localhost & in cPanel Enable GD in PHP
In PHP you can create, manipulate and process image files in a variety of different image formats, including GIF, PNG, JPEG, WBMP, and more. You will need certain PHP libraries or extensions like GD or GD2, GraphicsMagick, ImageMagick and such. On a live PHP server in XAMPP, GD is usually installed. But if not, here is how you can enable extensions and libraries in PHP on localhost and on a live server.

How to enable GD Library with XAMPP? I have a WordPress plugin that uses PHP extensions or libraries to process images. GD extension is disabled in it. To activate it, open XAMPP control panel and in front of APACHE click CONFIG button. Search for GD and uncomment it, remove semicolon before this line.

You can enable other extensions listed here in same way. You can also go to XAMPP folder, then in PHP folder and edit php.ini file from there. Restart server or PHP services and check if GD extension is active now. yes, its enabled.

For a live server like in CPanel, go to Software area and click at ‘Select PHP Version’. Here you can select PHP version and enable / disable available extensions for it. GD library is enabled for me
If you don’t have it enabled, enable it to use it. You can enable other extensions like imagick and gmagick from here as well.

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