Finding Local Maximum and Minimum Values of a Function – Relative Extrema

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Finding Local Maximum and Minimum Values of a Function - Relative Extrema
Finding Local Maximum and Minimum Values of a Function – Relative Extrema
This calculus video tutorial explains how to find the local maximum and minimum values of a function. In order to determine the relative extrema, you need to find the first derivative, set it equal to zero, and solve for x which represents the critical numbers of the function. You need to put these numbers on a number line and create a sign chart. According to the first derivative test, if the sign changes from – to , it’s a relative maximum. If it changes from to -, it’s a relative minimum. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems for you to work on.

Introduction to Limits:
3-Step Continuity Test:
Continuity & Differentiability:
Limit Definition of The Derivative:
Calculus 1 – Derivatives:
Introduction to Related Rates:
Derivative Notations:
The Cube:
Inflated Balloon & Melting Snowball:
Gravel Dumped Into Conical Tank:
Area of a Triangle:
The Ladder Problem:
Distance Problem:
Airplane Problems:
The Shadow Problem:
The Baseball Diamond Problem:
The Angle of Elevation Problem:
More Practice Problems:
Extreme Value Theorem:
Finding Critical Numbers:
Local Maximum & Minimum:
Absolute Extrema:
Rolle’s Theorem:
Mean Value Theorem:
Increasing and Decreasing Functions:
First Derivative Test:
Concavity & Inflection Points:
Second Derivative Test:
L’Hopital’s Rule:
Curve Sketching With Derivatives:
Newton’s Method:
Optimization Problems:
Marginal Cost & Total Average Cost:
Marginal Revenue and Profit:
Tangent Line Approximations:
Differentials & Local Linearization:
Estimating Function Values:
SAT Test Prep:
ACT Test Prep:
Calculus 1 Final Exam Review:
Full-Length Exams and Worksheets:

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