Fix Proxmox Windows VM Memory Reporting

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Fix Proxmox Windows VM Memory Reporting
Fix Proxmox Windows VM Memory Reporting
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What are VirtIO Drivers?
VirtIO Drivers are paravirtualized drivers for kvm/Linux. In short, they enable direct (paravirtualized) access to devices and peripherals for virtual machines using them, instead of slower, emulated, ones. –
Configuring VM Settings
   01. Log into the Proxmox web UI
   02. Select a storage from the left navigation pane to download an .iso file to
   03. Select ISO Images in the left sub-navigation pane
   04. If running ProxMox 6, download the VirtIO Windows .iso and upload it to the ProxMox ISO image library
   05. If on ProxMox 7, click Download from URL and paste the download URL from above Click Query URL Click Download
   06. Expand the Proxmox node in the left navigation and select the Windows VM
   07. Select Hardware from the left sub-navigation menu
   08. Double click the CD/DVD drive Select the Storage with the VirtIO .iso Select the VirtIO .iso Click OK
   09. Select Options from the left sub-navigation menu
   10. Double click the QEMU Guest Agent option Check the Use QEMU Guest Agent box Click OK
   11. Click Start to power on the VM
   12. Click console in the left sub-navigation menu
Installing VirtIO Drivers and QEMU Guest Agent
   01. Log into Windows
   02. Open File Explorer Navigate to the CD/DVD drive
   03. Launch virtio-win-guest-tools.exe
   04. Step through the VirtIO-Win installer accepting all the defaults
   05. Restart the Windows VM
   01. If Proxmox still isn’t reporting the correct memory usage, navigate to VM Hardware Memory
   02. Check the Advanced option Make sure ballooning is enabled Click OK
   03. Stop then Start the VM for the change to take effect

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