Go Class: 05 Arrays, Slices, and Maps

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Go Class: 05 Arrays, Slices, and Maps
Go Class: 05 Arrays, Slices, and Maps
In this segment I talk about Go’s built-in composite or /”container/” classes such as arrays, slices, and maps. For slices & maps, I expand on the concept of descriptor to help explain the difference between (say) a map’s storage and a map variable, and demonstrate the phenomenon of aliasing. Of course, I end with an example program showing maps and slices and sorting (oh my!).

This is a bit long; in retrospect I probably could have split slices and maps into their own segments. Sigh.

Slides at: https://github.com/matt4biz/go-class-slides/blob/trunk/xmas-2020/README.md

Code at: https://github.com/matt4biz/go-class-counts

See also this neat visual cheat sheet: https://ueokande.github.io/go-slice-tricks

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