How to Create a Symbol in KiCad

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How to Create a Symbol in KiCad
How to Create a Symbol in KiCad
In this KiCad tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a custom symbol from scratch. Custom symbols are essential when working with unique or specialized components not available in the default KiCad libraries. By creating your own symbols, you can design and organize your electronic schematics more effectively.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a custom symbol in KiCad:

Step 1: Open KiCad and Access the Schematic Library Editor
Launch KiCad and open the project for which you want to create the custom symbol. In the main window, click on /”Schematic Library Editor/” under the /”Tools/” menu.

Step 2: Create a New Symbol Library
In the Schematic Library Editor, click on /”File/” and then select /”New Library./” Name the new library and save it in a desired location.

Step 3: Draw the Symbol
With the new library open, start drawing the custom symbol using the available tools such as pins, lines, rectangles, and text. Define the pins’ properties, such as names, numbers, and electrical types (input, output, bidirectional, etc.).

Step 4: Assign Reference and Value Fields
Include reference and value fields in the symbol to display component designators and values when you use it in your schematic.

Step 5: Save the Custom Symbol
Once you finish creating the symbol, save it by clicking on /”File/” and selecting /”Save Library./” Choose a suitable name for the symbol, and it will be saved in the custom library you created earlier.

Step 6: Add the Custom Symbol to Your Project
To use the custom symbol in your schematic, open the schematic editor for your project. In the schematic editor, click on /”Preferences/” /”Component Libraries./” Add the custom library containing your symbol to the project.

Step 7: Place the Custom Symbol in the Schematic
Now that your custom symbol is available in the project library, you can place it on the schematic canvas. Use the symbol as you would with any other component, connecting it to other symbols to complete your schematic.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a custom symbol in KiCad, enabling you to design electronic schematics tailored to your specific needs.

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