How to Sum an Entire Column or Row in Excel

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How to Sum an Entire Column or Row in Excel
How to Sum an Entire Column or Row in Excel
How to Sum an Entire Column or Row in Excel
In this excel tutorial for beginners, I’ll show you how you can sum an entire column or entire row easily and efficiently. It is an easy task, but some people still struggle with it. Now without further ado, let’s follow the instructions below to sum the entire column in excel.
I’ll show you three ways, to sum up, an entire column.
Procedure 1: Click on the cell where you want the total value. Now Click on the home tab and then click on the AutoSum button. Done It will automatically give you the total from your entire column. There is only one catch you can’t leave an empty cell inside your column.
Procedure 2: Here, we use the same feature, but we’ll do it using a keyboard shortcut. Select the cell where you need to place the total and now press ALT On your keyboard and done.
Procedure 3: Here, you’ll need to use the Sum function. Write Sum on the cell where you need the total, select the range and press enter. Done
If you need to find the total amount for an entire row, you can use the same techniques above.

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