How to use Enums in Swift Swift Basics #10

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How to use Enums in Swift Swift Basics #10
How to use Enums in Swift Swift Basics #10
Learn how to harness the power of enums in Swift with this comprehensive tutorial! Discover how enums can help you define a set of related values and enhance code readability. Master the usage of associated values and raw values to add additional information and flexibility to your enums. Understand the benefits of pattern matching and switch statements when working with enums. Start your journey to becoming a proficient Swift developer today and leverage the versatility and expressiveness of enums in your code!

00:00 Enums
00:00 Intro
01:58 Welcome back!
02:25 Struct vs Enum
06:57 Enumerations
09:58 Computed variables in enums
11:36 Switch statements
13:59 Wrapping up

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