IICS Tutorial Part 5- Transformation

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IICS Tutorial Part 5- Transformation
IICS Tutorial Part 5- Transformation
This video describe,
IICS Transformation
The purpose of transformation modify the source data based on requirement of the target system.
In Transformation we have 2 ways to define the connected and unconnected Transformation,
Active Transformation
Passive Transformation

Active Transformation
An Active transformation can change the number of rows passing through it
Any transformation that splits or combines the data streams or reduce, expand or sort the data is an active transformation because it cannot be guaranteed that when the data passes through it, the number of rows and their position in the data stream are always unchanged

Passive Transformation

A Passive transformation does not change the number of rows passing through it, maintains the transaction boundary and position of the rows passing through it

Active Transformation ( connected and unconnected )

Source Transformation
Filter Transformation
Router Transformation
Aggregator Transformation
Sorter Transformation
Joiner Transformation
Structure Parser
Hierarchy Parser
Normalizer Transformation
Transaction control Transformation
Union Transformation
Lookup Transformation

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