Make Tkinter Look 10x Better in 5 Minutes (CustomTkinter)

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Make Tkinter Look 10x Better in 5 Minutes (CustomTkinter)
Make Tkinter Look 10x Better in 5 Minutes (CustomTkinter)
Python Tkinter Applications don’t look great… So, in this video I go over how to use CustomTkinter, which will make your apps look 10x better! It works just like Tkinter but has much better styling and is far easier to customize. We go through all the necessary widgets, concepts like event handling and frames, color themes, and I go over a few examples at the end. All in 5 minutes !

Links :
CustomTkinter Documentation:
Code In The Video:
Examples Shown:
Get Custom Color Themes:
CustomTkinter Table:

Chapters :
00:00 – Intro & Setup
00:26 – Widgets
02:33 – Event Handling
03:13 – Frames & Tabs
03:52 – Color Themes
04:13 – Examples & External Packages

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