PHP is the future

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PHP is the future
PHP is the future
Thanks to Laravel, PHP is the future. Laravel is a full stack framework that is actually full stack. It handles the routing, views, auth, ORM, caching, email, background jobs and more.

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00:00 An Overview of Laravel for 2023
01:33 Local development: Laravel Sail (Docker) or Laravel Valet
03:03 Installing Laravel with composer
03:48 Building assets with Vite
04:16 Routing in Laravel and Middleware
05:42 HTTP Middleware
07:06 Laravel CLI (Artisan)
07:50 Database migrations
09:36 Default user model in Laravel
11:00 Database ORM (Eloquent) versus base query builder
12:19 Env files
13:11 Caching in Laravel
15:04 Creating and scheduling CLI commands (without cron)
18:18 Testing in Laravel
19:18 The view layer
19:56 Laravel Blade templating
20:45 Laravel Livewire
22:00 Laravel with NextJS, Vue, React, and InertiaJS
23:58 Starter kits: Breeze and Jetstream
25:43 Hosting Laravel: Forge and Vapor
28:28 Laravel Horizon: queue monitoring
29:00 Laravel Cashier: Stripe subscriptions
29:28 Laravel Dusk: browser testing
29:56 Laravel Scout: full text search
30:24 Laravel Socialite: Oauth logins for your application
31:07 Code quality in Laravel
33:30 Extra learning materials

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