PHP Web scraping

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PHP Web scraping
PHP Web scraping
Do you want to build a web scraper using PHP? That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this video. Or, if you prefer a ready-made solution, check out web scraping solutions that can do the job for you:

Prefer learning in another format? See our blog post, which also includes a tutorial on extracting data from dynamic websites:

PHP is a programming language that is most commonly used for web development. However, libraries like Goutte make web scraping with PHP possible. In this video, Liza will guide you through the process of writing a PHP script that will allow you to extract public web data.

Liza will introduce you to the essential steps of web scraping with PHP, such as installation and sending PHP requests with Goutte. You’ll also learn how to scrape product information by locating HTML elements via CSS selectors.

Last but not least, you’ll see how to handle pagination and extract the scraping results to a convenient CSV file.

Links mentioned in the video:

PHP download page:
Chocolatey package manager:
Dummy bookstore:

Residential Proxies:
Shared Datacenter Proxies:
Dedicated Datacenter Proxies:
SOCKS5 Proxies:

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Learn how to scrape dynamic websites
Effortless web data extraction with Scraper APIs

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00:00 Introduction: What is PHP?
01:05 Installing PHP and Composer
02:23 Getting familiar with the scraping target
02:50 Making an HTTP GET request
03:24 Using Goutte for web scraping
03:46 Installing Goutte
04:17 Sending HTTP requests with Goutte
05:03 Locating HTML elements via CSS Selectors
06:01 Extracting the elements
08:10 Handling pagination
10:06 Writing data to a CSV file
11:04 Conclusion

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