PONS IP and Signeblock launch Safe Evidence platform for legal services with blockchain

In Spain, PONS IP and Signeblock have launched Safe Evidence, a digital platform to protect information that requires legal evidence

In Spain, PONS IP, a company specialising in industrial and intellectual property, and Signeblock have launched Safe Evidence, a digital platform for protecting information that requires legal evidence, using blockchain technology and with electronic signature and certification services. They informed Cointelegraph en Español, through a press release.

According to them, this initiative would make it possible to constitute evidence that could be used in court, since it complies with the regulations governing identification and electronic transactions.

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In the statement they indicated: „Safe Evidence guarantees or certifies those developments that may constitute an artistic work, a business secret, an industrial design or a future patent, through a legaltech solution that also offers legal coverage“.

They also stated: „It facilitates the management and signing of files that incorporate creations and developments in an agile, simple and immediate manner, thanks to Qualif_ID technology, a fusion of Blockchain’s Digital Identity and electronic signature that has full legal guarantee“.

According to them, coverage is achieved thanks to the combination of Blockchain with the use of advanced signatures and qualified time stamps, which, according to European regulations, would have the presumption of veracity in terms of the date and time they indicate.

In the statement, they also detailed the operation: „The Safe Evidence platform operates under cloud technology, with three levels of protection: Sign Evidence, an advanced signature with qualified identity for any type of file using blockchain technology; document management (Stamp Evidence), which incorporates qualified time stamps and blockchain registration; and Full Evidence, which also incorporates the advanced electronic signature“.

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The idea is that the platform will facilitate the deposit of files in cases where there is interest in a third party custodian and that it can also operate exclusively through a system of codes, so that during the transaction a code is generated – by means of an algorithm – that is uniquely associated with the original file.

Nuria Marcos, general manager of PONS IP commented:

„The use of blockchain technology has made a strong breakthrough Bitcoin Freedom in the Intellectual Property sector and blockchain technology will transform the management and protection of intangible assets. With Safe Evidence we are responding to one of the most sought-after challenges in the sector, enabling the creation of evidence with full legal certainty and infinitely simpler and more agile processing through our platform“.

In addition, Marta Gutiérrez, CEO of SIGNEBLOCK, said that Safe Evidence allows companies to address digital transformation processes and offer a wider range of value-added services in a more agile, convenient and effective way for clients, collaborators and society in general“.

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PONS IP is a company specialised in providing comprehensive advice on industrial and intellectual property and new technologies for Spain, Europe and Latin America with 75 years of experience and 30,000 clients in more than 150 countries.

It is made up of 130 professionals in the definition of strategies, creation, management and defence of IP rights.

PONS IP has a global presence through its 10 own offices and an international network of associates made up of almost 300 firms located in the different economic development poles of the world

About Signeblock
SIGNEBLOCK (Signe Group) specializes in the development of technological solutions to prevent fraud and certify information through enabling technologies. It was created in 2017.

It develops its own and custom-made solutions in Blockchain and electronic signature solutions.