Pytorch Seq2Seq Tutorial for Machine Translation

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Pytorch Seq2Seq Tutorial for Machine Translation
Pytorch Seq2Seq Tutorial for Machine Translation
In this tutorial we build a Sequence to Sequence (Seq2Seq) model from scratch and apply it to machine translation on a dataset with German to English sentences, specifically the Multi30k dataset. There was a lot of things to go through and explain so the video is a bit longer than my normal videos, but I really felt I wanted to share my thoughts, explanations and the details of the implementation!

Resources I used and read to learn about Seq2Seq:

Comment on resources:
I think bentrevett on Github is awesome and I was heavily inspired in this video by his Seq2Seq Tutorials and I really recommend checking him out, he puts out a lot of great tutorials on his Github.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:27 – Imports
2:05 – Data processing using Torchtext
5:55 – Implementation of Encoder
11:02 – Implementation of Decoder
19:43 – Putting it togethor to Seq2Seq
27:57 – Setting up training of the network
41:03 – Fixing Errors
42:18 – Evaluation of the model
49:32 – Ending and Bleu score result

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