Send Email Using Gmail SMTP Server From PHP Script

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Send Email Using Gmail SMTP Server From PHP Script
Send Email Using Gmail SMTP Server From PHP Script
If we have a website then we obviously need to send emails to users. That email should go through your contact us page, through your newsletter, on user registration etc.

PHP provides a mail() function which used to send an email. But there are limitations while using mail() method. You can’t send email from a local development server. Another drawback is, there is a high possibility of your email ended up in a Spam folder.

To get out of these problems, we need to use SMTP server to send emails.

In this video, we study how to use PHPMailer and Gmail SMTP server for sending emails.

We first need to install PHPMailer library in our project. The recommended way to install library is through Composer.

Open the command prompt in your project root directory and run the below command.

composer require phpmailer/phpmailer

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