Simple Web App with Flask and Heroku – Python GUI for Beginners

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Simple Web App with Flask and Heroku - Python GUI for Beginners
Simple Web App with Flask and Heroku – Python GUI for Beginners
In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a Web Application with Flask!
This video the also the first episode of The Battle of the App Frameworks, where YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE WINNER!

Today we will create a simple /”Hello World/” Application with Flask, which includes:
* an HTML template containing the structure of a web page
* a CSS stylesheet containing design instructions
* a Python backend that communicates with a web server
And we will also DEPLOY this application for free with Heroku!

This tutorial covers all the basics of Flask, from start to finish! (excluding Javascript interactions, which we will leave for later )

00:00 – Battle of the App Frameworks
00:25 – Flask Overview
01:17 – Flask Directory Structure
01:52 – HTML Structure
06:52 – Python Backend
09:31 – Warning: this is a development server
09:42 – Message Flashing
11:04 – A secret key is required
13:38 – CSS Styling
18:05 – CSS doesn’t update – Clear Cache!
20:14 – Procfile and Requirements
22:42 – Deploy Flask App with Heroku
24:43 – Thanks for watching! 🙂


Install Flask
* Anaconda: conda install -c anaconda flask
* PyPI: pip install flask

Install Green Unicorn
pip install gunicorn

Change Production Server to Development Server:
export FLASK_APPsayHello
export FLASK_ENVdevelopment
flask run

Complete project on Github:

Link to logo from my Kivy App:

Beautiful icons are by:

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