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Spurs Ball Movement
Spurs Ball Movement
Gregg Popovich had one message during the 2014 Finals that has really said everything there needs to be said about the Spurs and their culture. Nevermind the masterful motion offense, and the intricate misdirections in their sets. Never mind all that. “You move it or you die.”

There’s brilliance and beauty in the ball movement. There’s a sort of energy that is generated when the ball is whipping about, from player to player, but only when there is purpose. Side to side ball movement, where nothing is happening, or passing for passing’s sake is pointless. What San Antonio does is purposeful and precise. Their unselfishness is powerful, and the proficiency in their process has shone through. Everyone will remember how the Spurs moved the ball with conviction, and conquered Miami during that title run. The humiliation of the Heat was humbling for the reigning two-time champions, but it is my belief that few teams would’ve been able to stop the offensive onslaught that occurred.

Here now, I present some of the Spurs’ finer moments in terms of sharing the rock. Obviously, this is not all encompassing, and there are many others out there like it, but this is my little contribution. There are great individuals on this squad, but truly, their whole is so very much greater than the sum of their parts.

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