SQL Window Function How to write SQL Query using RANK, DENSE RANK, LEAD/LAG SQL Queries Tutorial

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SQL Window Function How to write SQL Query using RANK, DENSE RANK, LEAD/LAG SQL Queries Tutorial
SQL Window Function How to write SQL Query using RANK, DENSE RANK, LEAD/LAG SQL Queries Tutorial
This video is about Window Functions in SQL which is also referred to as Analytic Function in some of the RDBMS. SQL Window Functions covered in this video are RANK, DENSE RANK, ROW NUMBER, LEAD, LAG. Also, we see how to use SQL Aggregate functions like MIN, MAX, SUM, COUNT, AVG as window function.

This video is focused on teaching how to write SQL Queries using different window functions or analytic functions. We go through the syntax of using rank, dense_rank, row_number, lead, lag and max functions as window function.

Over clause is explained in detail in this video. Over clause is used in SQL when we need to use window function. Inside Over clause, we also use Partition By clause and also Order by clause.
Partition By clause is used to specify the column based on which different windows needs to be created.

The window function you learn in this video is applicable to any RDBMS since these functions are commonly used across most of the popular RDBMS such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server etc.

Download all scripts and Queries used in this video from below link:
Click on the /”Download SQL Script/” button to download scripts.

00:00 Intro

01:33 Understanding Aggregate function
03:16 Syntax to write SQL Query using Window Function
06:33 ROW_NUMBER() Window Function in SQL
11:57 RANK() Window Function in SQL
15:43 DENSE_RANK() Window Function in SQL
17:10 Difference between RANK, DENSE RANK and ROW NUMBER in SQL
17:59 LEAD() and LAG() Window Function in SQL

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