Swift API Calls for Beginners (Networking) – Async Await & JSON

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Swift API Calls for Beginners (Networking) - Async Await & JSON
Swift API Calls for Beginners (Networking) – Async Await & JSON
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Learning how to write network calls as a beginner in Swift can be daunting. I remember it taking me a long time to fully grasp them. In this video I break down the basics of how network calls work and introduce you to the concept of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

I show you how to download data from the GitHub API with a network call and display a basic user profile page using that data. For this we use Swift Concurrency with Async Await.

This tutorial was created using Xcode 14 and iOS 16.

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0:00 – Networking in iOS Apps
0:32 – This is hard!
1:06 – What is JSON?
2:06 – Using CURL to test a response
3:39 – Open API, OAuth, API Keys – Out of Scope
4:14 – My 4 Step Process for API Calls
5:10 – Using JSON to inform your design
5:46 – Create Models from JSON
9:13 – Network Call Code
18:10 – Networking Code Review
20:02 – Using the network call
22:48 – Connecting the UI

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