Tags of Django How to use Extends and Include Django Template Tags Django Tutorials

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Tags of Django How to use Extends and Include Django Template Tags Django Tutorials
Tags of Django How to use Extends and Include Django Template Tags Django Tutorials
In this video, you will learn how to use extends and include Django template in function in the Python framework.

base.html files are extended to every page, and you will learn how to change the data in between files. These files are created in templates, and you can bring the data in between with the help of template extending in Django.

You can start the content block and end it as well. The data from index.html will come between it. You can keep the header and footer on the same page and bring the block page.

Our trainer will discuss it all with the help of a proper example, and it will help you understand the concept better.

We have a complete playlist on the Django framework. You can watch more videos from there to learn in detail.

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