Text processing using awk command in linux awk patterns & actions BEGIN,END,NR,FS,OFS,RS,ORS …

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Text processing using awk command in linux awk patterns & actions BEGIN,END,NR,FS,OFS,RS,ORS ...
Text processing using awk command in linux awk patterns & actions BEGIN,END,NR,FS,OFS,RS,ORS …
Hello Guys , This video is about understanding advanced text processing using awk command in linux . awk , being a scripting language for text processing provides various features to process text as per requirement. It also provides various programming features like variables, if else , loops , functions etc that can be used to process text . I had started with explaining the basics of awk command with examples . I had explained pattern and actions of awk command which are two major parts of awk command. I elaborated using pattern matching , regex match , relational expressions pattern , comparison operators , logical OR and logical AND operator , providing range in awk and some special expression patters like BEGIN and END . Some Built in variable like OFS, FS , NR , NF , FILENAME , RS and ORS is also discussed with examples. At the end , I had explained how programming features can be used with awk command.
Topics covered in this video :
– awk command in linux
– text processing using awk command in linux
– Built in awk variables in linux
– input field separator FS , output field separator OFS in linux
– input record separator RS , output record separator in linux
– NR variable in linux
– FILENAME variable in linux
– BEGIN and END , special expression patterns in linux
– awk actions in linux
– field comparison using awk in linux
– range in awk command in linux
– regex in awk command in linux
– if else using awk in linux
– 0 ,1 , 2 … field values using awk in linux
– programming features of awk command in linux
– comparison operators , logical operators in awk
– contains operator in awk command
– examples on awk command
– awk command in detail
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