Top 100 PHP Functions ( 1 – 10 ) Learn PHP Programming

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Top 100 PHP Functions ( 1 - 10 ) Learn PHP Programming
Top 100 PHP Functions ( 1 – 10 ) Learn PHP Programming
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In this video we’re going to cover the following top 10 PHP functions: (functions are listed from the rank of popularity and frequency of usage in the PHP community)

1 count 81.41 %
2 is_array 77.32 %
3 substr 74.62 %
4 in_array 74.16 %
5 explode 73.19 %
6 str_replace 72.32 %
7 implode 72.27 %
8 strlen 70.07 %
9 array_merge 69.46 %
10 strpos 67.98 %

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