Update a Table with Millions of Rows in SQL (Fast)

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Update a Table with Millions of Rows in SQL (Fast)
Update a Table with Millions of Rows in SQL (Fast)
Running an SQL UPDATE statement on a table with millions of rows can often take a long time.

There are several different ways you can update this data so that it runs faster.

In this video, I explain and demonstrate five different approaches to updating data in a table with millions of records.

The demonstration is done in Postgres, but the concepts are valid for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and other vendors.

00:00 – Our sample data
00:47 – Method 1
01:22 – Method 2
02:09 – Method 3
04:38 – Method 4
05:25 – Method 5

Scripts used in this video: https://github.com/bbrumm/databasestar/tree/main/videos/090_update

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