Visualizing Netezza Data Using IBM Cognos Analytics

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Visualizing Netezza Data Using IBM Cognos Analytics
Visualizing Netezza Data Using IBM Cognos Analytics
Technical how-to instructional video on establishing a connection from Cognos Analytics 11.0.6 to a Netezza (PDA) emulator on a workstation.

Make sure that you have the Netezza JDBC driver (nzjdbc.jar) in your Cognos Analytics drivers directory. To download the JDBC driver, go to IBM Fix Central ( and then click Select Product. Then choose the following drop-downs:
Information Management – PureData System for Analytics – IBM Netezza NPS Software and Clients – NPS_7.2.1 – Windows (the OS where Cognos is installed)
Then click Browse for fixes, and choose the latest file (at the time of writing, it is ). Extract the archive and install the JDBC drivers (example, c:/
Finally, copy nzjdbc.jar into the Cognos Analytics driver directory (on Windows, it is C://Program Files//IBM//cognos//analytics//drivers)

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