What are WebSockets? How is it different from HTTP?

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What are WebSockets? How is it different from HTTP?
What are WebSockets? How is it different from HTTP?
In this video, I talk about:
How does the HTTP protocol work?
What are WebSockets?
When/Where can WebSockets be used?
Differences between HTTP and WebSockets

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0:00 Video starts
0:25 What is HTTP protocol?
0:42 How HTTP works?
2:37 HTTP is a stateless protocol
3:48 How WebSockets work?
4:43 Difference between HTTP & WebSockets
5:51 Scalability
6:33 WebSockets is a stateful connection
7:47 Other Differences
8:17 Conclusion

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Video Keywords:
What are WebSockets
How is it different from HTTP
WebSockets explained

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