What is Boomi & How Does it Work? Middleware Explained in 97 Seconds

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What is Boomi & How Does it Work? Middleware Explained in 97 Seconds
What is Boomi & How Does it Work? Middleware Explained in 97 Seconds
What is Boomi middleware and what does it do?

In this short video, Martin McNicoll (The Cloud GURU) explains how middleware software like Boomi allows companies today to connect their web store (Shopify) and their marketplaces (Amazon FBA, eBay, Walmart, etc) to their back-office financial system for reconciled data and real-time updates.

At a high level, this video covers how Boomi:
• Provides you with a self-service platform that allows you to easily sync data between your different systems.
• Gives you a significant reduction in manual work for data entry.
• Eliminates the chance for mistakes and siloed data.
• All while supporting a smooth flow between your different processes.

For more information on Boomi, visit our page: https://gurussolutions.com/services/dell-boomi-implementation-consulting-services

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About The Cloud GURU:

Martin “The Cloud GURU” McNicoll is CEO and founder of Gurus, a business consulting firm with offices across Canada and the U.S., specialized in cloud technologies and solutions across most industries. He has decades of experience working with and developing tools and solutions within the financial software industry, and GURUS has become one of the leading service providers in everything Oracle NetSuite and Dell Boomi integrations.

In 2015, Martin released his first book, Scale Up Your Business with Cloud Technology: A Practical Guide to Building a Future-Proof Enterprise. You can get your copy on Amazon today: https://www.amazon.com/Scale-Your-Business-Cloud-Technology-ebook

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